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Kickstart 2016 With Better Search Results

Digital Catalyst does its best to keep on top of search engine requirements as we firmly believe your website should deliver an ROI for your business.

It only seems like yesterday that Google completely overhauled its search formula (codenamed Panda and Penguin). The changes from these updates were drastic and affected the search rankings of most websites. Many businesses around the globe who had used black-hat (a.k.a. cheat) techniques to try and milk rankings were flushed out of results, and most businesses suffered adjustment and/or degradation to their rankings.

But if you were on Digcat's latest website framework then you were very much immune and felt little to no loss. Most of our customers have a reasonably good visibility in search results, and some of our customers get most of their business from their search rankings. But having a Google compliant website CMS is only part of the formula to maintaining current rankings and improving future rankings.

Here are 3 useful tips to boosting your 2016 search rankings:

  1. Regular review of your website and keyword strategy

    Why? The web is always in flux, and your competitors websites are always manoevring to outplay you. Just like servicing your car, you need to have your website reviewed periodically to keep your head in the game. Consider at least a 6-monthly review with us to sit down and go over the stats and to re-identify what Google needs to improve your rankings.


  2. Secure your website with an SSL and a firewall

    Why? Google rewards websites who take security seriously. Secure sites are ranked higher than those that are not. Despite this, most websites around the world still have not woken up to this little gem to boost rankings. Contact us to leapfrog your competition before everyone wakes up to it.


  3. A mobile-friendly experience

    Why?  Google rewards websites which make it easier for users to navigate. Old style box designs require pinching out to see the menus and content, and often the content gets cut off on the edges which users find frustrating. With more than 50% of search done from mobile devices in 2015, you need to consider an upgrade or your website will continue its slide in rankings.

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Insure Your Business Data Before It Is Too Late

Our cloud backup service reduces the risk of document loss for customers. It is simply an insurance policy for your business documents.

Not only that, but a director can be fined for not complying with the law for failing to keep records for 7 years (e.g. your accounts / financial data, documents on employee records, operational documents, emails, and documents required for a legal case).

Believe it or not, most businesses around the world are exposed as they do not have an effective automated backup strategy.

The real value of backup is realised at the point of disaster. One of our lucky customers realised this recently when they were hot by a PC hard-drive failure just prior to Christmas. We were able to fully recover within hours.

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Meet The New Minimum Australian Document Retention Requirements

Managing documents is becoming more important in 2016, and especially with WHS legislation being recently overhauled.

Companies are required to properly manage their document assets at their own expense, and ignorance is no excuse. Businesses risk fines for failing to meet document retention obligations, and especially if there is document or record loss where a court might require a document to be submitted as evidence.

Fundamentally the requirements are document accessibility, visiblility of audit trails of document change, visibility of approvals in workflows, and adherence to the Privacy Act with regard to document destruction.

On top of that, businesses still need to go about conducting their business.

We have system which can handle all of this complexity, Not only that, but we can run it for you within a fully-managed secure private cloud replacing the need for your maintenance-heavy in-house file server.

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Just A Snippet Of Other Services We Provide.

Here is a selection of some of the features and we have delivered or have the potential to deliver:

  • Responsive web theme design
  • Secure file sharing services
  • Taking orders and making payments with commerce
  • Document compliance and workflow with mobile access
  • Seated event registration services
  • Bulk email campaign solutions
  • Multi-device email, calendaring and contact sharing
  • Automated server and desktop backup to the cloud and local drives
  • Document and data disaster protection and recovery strategies
  • Project collaboration and communication platforms


See our testimonial page offers some feedback from some of our happy customers.