DR and Backup

You have insurance to protect your business from disaster. What about insuring your business data?

Your hard drive crashes. You hit “Save” without thinking and an important version is overwritten and lost forever. Someone accidentally deletes a folder of contracts, quotes or evidence photos. Office crashes midway through a save and your file won't open. Your external hard drive for backups won't connect to your machine and it clicks and ticks when you plug it in. An encryption virus locks all of your documents on your network drive. 

Stuff Happens

Your business systems and data are the life blood of your business. Having a backup is a good idea. Having a backup that you can be confident is completely free of malware, viruses or accidental human error is a better idea. Having a comprehensive disaster protection solution that delivers a business-wide high detailed recovery strategy, automated your protection with off-site storage is your insurance policy to quick recovery.

Imagine the pain if you were to lose a few critical documents or financial data. Worse still imagine the heartache that a full blown disaster that prevented normal operation of your business for even a couple of weeks.


Uncertainty is a built-in risk

The simple fact is that electronic devices have a shelf life. Your systems, data and business operation rest on that uncertainty. It is inevitable that every piece of electronic equipment is doomed for failure or obsolence at some stage, and may come in many forms:

  • mechanical hard drive failure
  • operating system failure
  • power surge damage
  • accidental overwrite or deletion
  • file loss
  • file corruption
  • hackers or ransomware
  • employee sabotage
  • support reaches end of life
  • water, electrical or fire damage


You Must Act Before Disaster Occurs

Disaster is preventable. As a business owner you just want peace of mind. Disaster recovery and business continuity is dependent on acting early.

The first step is recognising the potential for something to occur. Having a well thought out and tested strategy ensures your business continuity and data protection for when that time comes. Isn't this why you insure your house, car or health?

The second step is acting before it happens. Whether you need to protect a single MYOB datafile, a few laptops out in the field, or your entire network, we can design and implement a comprehensive plan. 

But again it means acting NOW.

Contact us today to discuss how you can protect your business with standby and full failover services.


Our online storage, backup and recovery solutions include:

Protect and Store Anything
Our backup and storage solutions include simple cold (FTP) storage, folders and files (with encryption), SQL-based databases (SQL Server, MySQL, ACT, etc), flat-file databases, and on-premise MS Exchange databases. From there we can scale backups to full bare-metal disk image protection, virtual machines and NAS drives.

Solution Scalability
We have the tools to backup everything from a simple file and folder backup for a single PC right up to a full DR solution with flip-switch to data centre failover on a private node with hyper-performance monitoring. Our flexible options can meet your desired requirements for backup complexity, mean recovery time, and storage space.

Protect Locally And To The Cloud
Elect to back up your files up into the cloud, onto another computer on the LAN, onto an external drive, into FTP storage, or all of these places. Configure as many generations and combinations as required and where you store them. Contact us to discuss your backup strategy and how your data is to protected.

Local Datacentres, Global Options
We started out supporting only Australian backup customers with storage only within Australian data centres. We now offer to overseas customers with 14 data centres right around the globe. Using geographically closer data centres improves backup times as well as the turn around time in accessing recovery data.

Data Security Is Critical
We lock down backup data such that snoopers cannot read should they be able to even access the backup files (they cannot). We encrypt data with Blowfish-448 before transmitting them to the data centre servers across a 256 bit SSL encrypted connection. We take the security and privacy of your data seriously.

Only Pay Once
We de-duplicate which means you only pay once for storage of the same data. If you run multiple backup processes and they happen to crossover and backup the same file, our systems are able to compare the unique IDs of each brick so you can be confident that we will only store it once and you only pay once.

Flexible Backup Generations
Our solutions allow the configuration of the number of backup generations required in an archive (e.g. 7 days, 14 days, 31 days, 365 days, unlimited, etc). With a rolling backup strategy, you can combine daily and long term strategies to control data retention windows while limiting the window of loss in a disaster.

Brick Level Backup
Rather than uploading the whole file each time, we break files into their bricks (bits) and only backup the changed bits. This means the time it takes to incrementally back up your files, folders, disk images, SQL DBs, and Exchange DBs is much quicker. With support for VSS we also backup open (i.e. locked) MS Office files.

File Compression
Our system compresses files during backup. This means that your storage requirements will be less than the sum of the size of the files you backup. Office documents can be compressed by as much as 60%.

Seed First Backup in Datacentre
For large data backups you might elect to "seed" your backup. Rather than wait weeks for the first backup, we run the initial backup and send its image on a hard drive to the data centre for initial import. This is a good idea to speed up the first run.

Automated Email Reports
Receive emails on completion of each backup. We can also generate XML file notifications. This way you can monitor the status of your backups and get insight into successful backups, warnings, and errors.

Hardware & Operating System Requirements
Hardware: 8GB+ of RAM recommended (4GB of RAM minimum) , 1.8 GHz+ CPU recommended, a high-speed Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth. Operating Systems: Windows Server 2008+ and Windows 7+

Breakdown of Product Licenses and Data Storage Rates

Fees are calculated based on which backup client / service / method / license (i.e. file/folder backup, sFTP or VEEAM), the type of data being backed up (files & folders, disk images, SQL databases, and Exchange databases), and for cloud backups, associated licenses and the amount of online storage space required.

Client License(s)
Feature Description
Veeam® Agent for Windows Workstation (physical desktop OS and file backup)
Client License(s) $11.00 p/m (+ cloud space if used)
Veeam® Agent for Windows Server (physical server OS and file backup)
Client License(s) $22.00 p/m (+ cloud space if used)
Veeam® Backup & Recovery Standard (VM backup)
Client License(s) $11.00 p/m for service + $8.80 per VM p/m (+ cloud space if used)
Veeam® Backup & Recovery Enterprise (VM backup)
Client License(s) $11.00 p/m for service + $11.00 per VM p/m (+ cloud space if used)
Veeam® Backup for Microsoft Office 365 (Local Backup)
Client License(s) $2.75 per seat p/m
sFTP/NAS Archive-Style Cloud Storage
Client License(s) Free (pay for cloud space)
FilePlusv2 File & Folder Backup (small file and folder backup sets < 20GB)
Client License(s) Free (+ cloud space if used - n.b. product will be end of life Dec 2018)
DR As A Service
Feature Description
Veeam® DRaaS (flip-switch failover)
DR As A Service Quote on Request
Cloud Space
Feature Description
10GB combined tubs of cloud storage
Cloud Space $11.00 per month
20GB combined tubs of cloud storage
Cloud Space $22.00 per month
50GB combined tubs of cloud storage
Cloud Space $33.00 per month
100GB combined tubs of cloud storage
Cloud Space $44.00 per month
150GB combined tubs of cloud storage
Cloud Space $55.00 per month
200GB combined tubs of cloud storage
Cloud Space $66.00 per month
250GB combined tubs of cloud storage
Cloud Space $77.00 per month
300GB combined tubs of cloud storage
Cloud Space $88.00 per month
400GB combined tubs of cloud storage
Cloud Space $110.00 per month
500GB combined tubs of cloud storage
Cloud Space $132.00 per month
1TB combined tubs of cloud storage
Cloud Space $198.00 per month
>1TB combined tubs of cloud storage
Cloud Space Up to PetaBytes - Call Us