Intelligent Website Platforms

Intelligent Website Platforms Start Here

It is difficult for people to consider your business with a poor website as credible, or without a website. Your website is usually the first place that prospects explore your suitability to service them. Its purpose is to be found in search engines, deliver a clear message, and differentiate your business.

Website and Intranet Solutions

But like any marketing exercise you do, the purpose of a website is about return on investment.

Not all website platforms are created equal.


Getting a return on your investment is where our platform outperforms others. Its main tenets are:

  • it has a flexible mobile friendly them design
  • it is easy to edit and update yourself
  • its permission-based access systems for providing access to different user types (e.g. admin, staff, members)
  • is great with search engine response (99.99% of sites can never be found in search due to structural issues)
  • it has rich extensibility to customise and make the system intelligent (1000+ modules)
  • it is extensible to handle data, documents, reporting, workflow and event logic
  • it is extensible to communicate with other systems over APIs
  • it has blistering load times regardless of your business size
  • it includes a continuous maintenance paradigm (if you host with us) built on a continuous improvement paradigm
  • it is solid, stable platform and rigorously tested for its resilience to hackers


Hosting and Maintenance

We build on the open source Drupal CMS platform.

You are free to take the system we build for you to your own hosting partner. However, if you choose to host your Drupal CMS with us, we take on full responsibility with an SLA to maintain its security, updates, and extensions. That way you can focus on running your business.


Why Talk To Us?

Talking to us you will come to understand that we recognise the following:
  • how long before will my investment will pay for itself?
  • will I need to start all over again to add features later?
  • explore the features of the system and how we can shape it to your business.

Most of our new business clients have been referred to us by happy customers. This is because the solutions we produce for customers pay for themselves, often within a very short time, either financially or in savings of time.

As a business owner, we also understand that you do not have to be tech savvy to know what you want. We only ask you to define your business level requirements and we handle the how-to through our technology.

So contact us today to discuss your requirements.