Proper Project Management

SCRUM is a project management methodology for software and web development

But what does it mean to me and why is it important? 

We believe it is important to involve the client in the strategy, planning, and execution (e.g. design, layout, programming, etc) of every project. They need to own their project.

On top of this, software systems constantly face the need for maintenance requirements and re-factoring because the world does not sit still:

  • web browsers evolve
  • device platforms change
  • ideas and feature requirements evolve
  • security requirements need to be ahead of the game
  • best practice today may be obsolete tomorrow


WATERFALL is what most people are familiar with when getting a quote - one big proposal which attempts to guess the complexity and provide a price upfront.

Pricing is often an educated guess. 

If problems or unknown unknowns surface, then the outcomes are either to requote or require the developer to work for free which lowers quality.


SCRUM looks at a big picture but then breaks a project into blocks of prioritised features as part of the process. The developer and client discover, focus on and work through the features within time-boxed rounds of work (sprints). Sprinting is more adaptable to the discovery of problems, unknown unknowns, and changes in direction. There is a retrospective review at the end of each sprint forcing communication and highlighting issues discovered. This precurses priority setting and alignment for the next sprint. Pricing is paid in alignment to the sprint. As such each sprint capitalises on the previous.

It is more effective because it reduces large and complex business problems into non-technical smaller pieces. It provides more predictability by putting the customer (product owner) and developer onto the same team facilitating communication and working through problems as they are discovered and reprioritised.

It progresses the project at the pace the customer wishes to work (both time and financial) and reasonable timeframes for the developer to achieve the quality of outcome expected. The project can pause and continue as required, one sprint at a time.

It is the most honest, flexible and practical approach to larger and more complex projects.




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