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Keeping consistent and up to date documents available to our sales guys has often proved a tricky task.  So we went looking for a way to solve this problem, and free up more of our time to work with our customers.  Our objective was to simplify creating new business documents, while out of the office and even out of the country.  We wanted to centralize the process so when out and about we could easily work from the same documents, knowing they were the most up to date, with our company branding in place, our most up to date terms and conditions, price lists and have it all version controlled so we knew we had the latest version.  

We came up with our Honeycomb solution, and its working a treat!

Want to know more?  have a look at a short video

[collapsed title=Handle Media easily]

[collapsed title=Word Documents]

  • Working Microsoft word, excel or powerpoint, easily receive and convert using rules and hot folders, set up using a simple to learn interface.

  • Make PDF from Doc or Docx format files, workflow pdf as publish format

[/collapsed] [collapsed title=Images and Videos]

  • Working with big files is easy, and only limited by your connection

  • Upload the full resolution and produce lower versions to work with, customisable using ffmpeg

[/collapsed] [collapsed title=Open Office Documents]

  • Working Open Office, Libre office or any other odt format based editors no problem

  • Automatically extract meta data contained in the document