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Site Document Library Tagging your Content

Compliance & Legals
BYOD, Contractors, Ex Employees

CMIS Open Standards
Site Dashboard Handling Big Files
Video, CSV, Binary
Securely Share Content  
Site Calendar Meta Services
, OpenDoc, File Formats

Version Control
Rules & Aspects

Native Mobile Clients
Android/IPad/IPhone Client
Site Blogs IMAP Integration LibreOffice Integration Security & Certificates
Site Discussions FTP Access Extensibility
Web Scripts & Free Marker
Repository Workflows & Rules
Site WIKI Work Flowing Content Templates Categorising Content

























Document Library

All content uploaded into a site lives inside the Document Library, content can easily be dragged and dropped into the site.  You can easily switch between views of your content, go from a list view to grid gallery, to film strip.  Standard graphic formats are thumbnailed to make it easier to identify and view your content.  You can also easily tag, and categorize your content.

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Customise Each Site

The Sites Dashboard can be managed and customised directly by the sites manager user.  Choose from default panels, and change the layout to most suite your site.

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Site Calendar

Each site can make use of a calendar, capture important dates for your site, and easily share key dates with your sites membership. The Sites calendar can also be downloaded as an iCal feed, making it easy to share with other applications which support iCal.

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IMAP Directly from your Mozilla Thunderbird Mail Client

With the IMAP Option enabled your repository can be easily accessed directly by a mail client.  In this case Mozilla Thunderbird, provides an imap account directly in the repository.  Easily allowing new content to be seen.

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IMAP Directly from Outlook













FTP Content Into your Repository

Your repository is accessible in numerous ways, one of which is FTP.  An FTP client can be used to access your repository, given the correct credentials.  This allows large uploads can be scheduled and queued to ensure your content is added and indexed with out interfering with other users, by flooding the system.

Your FTP access is control by the central permissions system, so you will only have access where your profile allows.


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Categorising your Content

Once your content has been given the categorisation aspect, the content can use predefined categorise which offer a further level of grouping content.  

The categories are managed by an admin function, therefore ensuring the categories are centrally managed.



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Keep the conversation Secure

When conversations are going on with a project, using the system to capture, the conversations can be captured and kept where they are safe and relevant with in the site.

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If you need to share information to everyone in the site, use a wiki.  

The straight forward WIKI provides a WYSIWYG interface to enter content on pages.  WIKI pages provide a dashlet for the dashboard of your site.


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Private Blogs per Site

Blogs are available in each site, this allows more of the conversation and learning to be captured in the site.

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LibreOffice Integration

Pull content directly into your working LibreOffice client.  Using LibreOffices' CMIS implementation, you can easily browse your repository, reading and writing making your access secure and speedy.

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Tagging Content

Alfresco makes it a breeze to tag your content, auto complete tags make finding a tag fast, just starting typing your tag word, and see other tags automatically appear matching your tag.  Once your content is tagged, its easy to locate using the tree feature, which groups all tagged content together, making finding content fast.  The tags are also indexed in the Solr Search Engine, making finding tagged content easy using the free text search bar.

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Workflowing Documents

Get approval to documents and document changes with dynamic workflows.  Your can easily route content between multiple parties to get approval or feedback.

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Share Content Securely

When you need to share content with people outside the system, 

a very quick feature allows any content you have access to, to be shared using a simple url which can be emailed to the person who needs to access the document.  The document can be unshared just as quickly, ensuring the link will no longer work.  Once you have shared a file, it can easily be sent to email, facebook, twitter or google+.

Sharing securely allows your teams to collaborate better, faster and more efficiently.

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Handling Big files, Made easy with MCS

Originating new vibrant content can involve many forms of media, from photo shoots, to film shoots, PR snippets, and even the latest rushes for any production.  All can easily be collated in MCS, and once content is in, it can be previewed without the need to download the entire file.  In additional the rules engine allows content to be rendered into different formats and moved into different workflows.  Watch MP4 video directly in the browser, making sharing video content easy.


















Version Control your important content

Manage the change history for any content you add to the repository.  The system can maintain a history of the changes and who changed any particular piece of content. The additional meta data collected is added into the contents wrapper, ensuring you can easily revert, to a previous version if allowed.

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Native Mobile Clients

Take your documents with you anywhere you go.  Using native mobile clients, you get the best performance no matter where you are.  The mobile clients allow you to access your repository and depending on your permissions access content and workflows.



Apple Client
Android Client







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