We can integrate your website, intranet and applications in one intelligent platform.

In the modern day, businesses without a website lack credibility. It is the first port of call prospects use to explore your suitability to service them. It needs to clearly define your offer, how you differentiate yourself from your competitors, be found in search, and look professional. But the modern website is now also intelligent.

Not all websites are equal. An intelligent web platform means more options.


Legacy desktop applications trap businesses behind the office modem.

This means your data is scattered, your systems require dependence on staff, and doing is business slow. Converting your desktop applications to web-facing applications means centralisation of systems and data, real time updates, flexibility for your staff work life, and Bring Your Own Device.

Web-facing applications means doing business from anywhere.


Managing the lifecycle of your business documents is critical.

The lifecycle of content includes how it is centralised, created, stored, versioned, accessed, categorised, searched for, protected, and shared (both internally or externally). Collaboration management is a complex process but our solutions connect staff with your supply chain around your content regardless of platform choice.

Centralisation leads to collaboration and control over business knowledge.


APIs and web services integrations share data between systems.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, take advantage of backdoor connectivity between well established systems by programming against their APIs. Connecting applications in this way facilitates business workflow and dataflow without user intervention removing the burden of manual data keying and human error. 

Automate your business by sharing data between systems in real time.


Shopping carts and e-commerce build a community around your business products.

Our e-commerce solution can accommodate virtually any requirement. You can sell physical products, subscriptions, event registrations, and even digitally downloadable content. Moreover our framework is modular and scalable which means extending or upgrading later does not require starting again.

Online commerce provides customers continuous access to buy from you.


Build custom applications can use QR codes as links to improve business efficiencies.

We deliver custom QR code solutions for businesses and advertising agencies. A QR Code is an optical machine-readable representation of data, which shows data about the object to which it attaches. They are represented by rectangles, dots, hexagons and other geometric patterns in 2 dimensions (2D).

Bridge the gap between the print and digital worlds using QR Codes.