Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Solutions and Workflow Based Marketing

Electronically engage your customers and prospects to stay at the top of their minds with your products and services.

Engage your customers via electronic bulk email and SMS messaging is a great way to repeat sales from your customer database, especially if you can automate your marketing message.

With the use of our analytics tools, you can gain insight who is looking at your message including what parts of your message may have attracted their attention. You can even see who has clicked on embedded links and who has deleted your email marketing messages.

There are 7 reasons why you want to regularly market to customers and prospects in this way:
  • Keep your business top of mind
  • Handle communication to a large database in bulk sends (and avoid ISP blocking)
  • Inform them of new products and services
  • Inform them of changes to or within your business
  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Demonstrate how they can get better value from products or services you have already supplied them
  • Open doors of referral to your customers own contacts

With our electronic marketing tools, you stay top of mind with customers and increase the touch points which increases the likelihood that they will think of you when they are ready to spend again.


Why Choose Us

Most of our new customers are referred to us. This is because our cloud solutions provide our clients with peace of mind by protecting their systems and data saving them time and money.

As a business owner, we also understand that you do not have to be tech savvy to know what you want. We provide comprehensive customer experience platforms. We only ask you to define your business level requirements and we handle the rest. 

So contact us today to discuss your requirements.