Hosting and Infrastructure

Our infrastructure can become the backbone of your business.

Our best-breed solutions are suitable for websites, intranets, CRM, applications, email, and DR / backups on both Australian and global infrastructure. We deliver in cloud, dedicated, virtual, and shared environments, and support both Windows and Linux operating systems. Our solutions have options for SLA.

Our infrastructure curtails the burden of serving, security, and backup.

Business is simpler when you can work from anywhere.

Running your server and desktops from the cloud eliminates the costs and stresses of maintaining your own infrastructure; it moves this burden to experts. Systemising and centralising data simplifies staff collaboration, office anywhere, storage and security. Staff simply connect to their desktop from their device(s) and they are at work.

The cloud is the mobilisation tool which will transform your business.

Legacy desktop applications trap businesses behind the office modem.

This means your data is scattered, your systems require dependence on staff, and doing is business slow. Converting your desktop applications to web-facing applications means a centralisation of your systems and data, real-time reporting, flexibility for your staff work life, and easy support for Bring Your Own Device.

Running your business from the cloud mean doing business anywhere.

In today’s business world, email is still at the heart of communication.

Emails are mission critical systems that need an uptime guarantee and an SLA to be sure they work for you 24/7/365. Microsoft 365 provides a high redundancy email and compliance systems. We also addtionally protect your MS365 data on a cloud-to-cloud and azure authenticated DRP platform. These backups occur 6 times a day and are air-gap stored on Australian AWS servers.

Our engineers are available to talk if you need help.

Managing the lifecycle of your business documents is critical.

The lifecycle of content includes how it is centralised, created, stored, versioned, categorised, searched for, protected, and who can access it, and share it. Collaboration is a complex system-driven process. Our solutions connect staff to each other and your supply chain, so they can collaborate around content on any device.

Centralisation means collaboration over business knowledge.

Backups are the equivalent of insurance when it comes your business data.

If your business was hit by disaster could it recover? Is your backup up to date? What could you afford to lose? Have you tested a recovery? Our backup solutions provide protection for email, systems, databases, business documents and accounting data. Once disaster has struck it may be too late; many businesses don't recover.

Business continuity is dependent on appropriate backup and a quick recovery.

Need to securely access and share large files between multiple PCs or with clients?

Using our web-based network drive, you can access and share files of any format from within secure isolated 'site' containers. Avoid the inefficiency of emailing documents to yourself. For large files, avoid the costs and time delays of having to send files to clients on DVDs or flash drives via post.

Enjoy real time synchronisation across all devices after saving your documents.