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Why Fixed Quotes Don't Work

The SCRUM framework offers our customers significant benefits over traditional "fixed quote" software development processes. Fixed quotes lose their integrity very quickly even when subtle changes to the scope need to occur.

Feature creep may occur on the client's side in light to changes needing to be made in the scope. In order to maintain original delivery timeframes, quality may be sacrificed as corners need to get cut by the developer in order to still meet original deadlines and budget.

Open Source vs Proprietary Software

'Open Source' and 'Proprietary' are two terms referring to different approaches to the thinking behind the development process and control of software.

Proprietary models are commercially oriented first, and user second. Products and launches are all about money and getting to market with wow campaigns. Then over time users are delivered service packs to add or enhance features and address bugs. Sometimes updates include free patches, but other times fees are requested for the on-going product patching process.