Googles Two Latest SEO Factors

Saturday, March 19, 2016

It is critical for your website stay in alignment to Googles constant changes. Failing to do this means that your website will begin to drift down out of search relevance. There are over 200 aspects that affect your SEO, and Digcat handles the majority of them for you. Some are your responsibility including the making regular changes to your page content.

Each of these aspects contribute to a sum total used to calculate your site rankings.

We would like to raise 2 more recent facets to improving search results that will ultimately become the new normal:

  1. Running your website over "SSL" is now rewarded with better rankings as websites are seen as more secure and trustworthy. This is because SSL certificates verify domain identity and transmit all data in an encrypted way. SSL is usually found on sites facilitate buying or banking online and is seen by a security padlock in the browser.


  1. Getting your website to load faster has been rewarded with better rankings for some time. This is simply because website users prefer faster loading sites. The difference between a fast and a slow website could be as little as 1-2 seconds.


Previously providing customers with these two aspects was a matter of affordability - a dedicated server is required for starters. But now we think we have a solution which is viable and cost effective. Please note that Digcat is also a customer of its own products and have been testing a solution to SSL and speed with its own websites.

In our 3 month test, we found our website pages load from 2-3 seconds quicker, our website security has blocked 7500+ hacking attempts, and our new web enquiries have gone up. We also had some customers who volunteered to test who have very similar results.

We now strongly encourage take up before these aspects become the new normal and all websites (including your competitors) jump on the bandwagon also.

For our existing customers we will be waiving a setup fee till the end of January 2015 - we will only be charging the license fee of $22.00 per month.

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