Bespoke Project Management

AGILE / SCRUM is a project management methodology for any bespoke project.

There are two main drivers behind why this is important:

Involving the client in the strategy, planning, and execution (e.g. design, layout, programming, etc) of every project is critical to them taking some ownership of their projects.

Additionally, software systems constantly face re-factoring and maintenance requirements because the world does not sit still.

For example:
  • web browsers keep evolving
  • operating systems keep evolving
  • devices and platforms keep upgrading
  • ideas and feature requirements keep changing
  • security requirements need to stay ahead of the game
  • what is best practice today may be obsolete tomorrow
Managing a constantly changing list of requirements is only possible with an approach that allows for organic change. Waterfall does not allow for change without requote.

Let's compare the fundamentals of the two competing methodologies:



  • What most people would be familiar with when asking for a quote - one proposal which makes assumptions and attempts fix price upfront.
  • The issue is that fixed pricing is at best just an educated guess. 
  • If and when discoveries which had not been considered are exposed, then variations / rework / requoting is required. In the case where the developer has poorly addressed the features thus inheriting the responsibility for the unknowns, this translates into a loss of quality for the client as they try to recover lost hours of rework.
  • The result often ends in lower quality, reactivity, and sometimes a burnt experience.


What Is Agile / SCRUM:

  • Breaks down larger projects into small iterative time-boxed "sprints".
  • The length of a sprint might be one week or two weeks.
  • Each sprint is locked down during the build and concludes with a team review to re-prioritise the requests for the next sprint. This continuous improvement approach factors in new or changed requests into the next round without having to rescope.
  • Progress is recorded on an item backlog document.


The best way to understand the difference is by this diagram:



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