We use the SCRUM methodology for web project management. What is it?

SCRUM breaks down larger development projects into small iterative time-boxed "sprints". Each sprint concludes with a team review to re-prioritise requirements for the next sprint. The continuous improvement approach factors in discovered problems, new requests, and changes. A backlog document is the project audit log.

Because failing to plan is planning to fail.

Business is simpler when you can work from anywhere.

Running your server and desktops from the cloud eliminates the costs and stresses of maintaining your own infrastructure; it moves this burden to experts. Systemising and centralising data simplifies staff collaboration, office anywhere, storage and security. Staff simply connect to their desktop from their device(s) and they are at work.

The cloud is the mobilisation tool which will transform your business.

Provide accountability around the sales process and servicing customers.

Streamline the administrative burden of tracking leads, opportunities, pricing, sales pipeline, strategy, and sales reporting. Digital Catalyst recommends SuiteCRM: an award-winning CRM application functionally equivalent to the major product suites like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. We use it ourselves.

Never lose track of accounts, leads, opportunities, or contract dates again.

Branding is the process of creating and disseminating your brand name.

Building a brand is simply about creating trust using a recognisable and lasting impression in the minds of customers. This starts with a logo and extends into website theming, social networks, website and print imagery, email signatures, business cards, vehicle wraps and other marketing material. 

Brand recognition through repeated exposure builds trust in clients and prospects.

Implement strategies to improve rankings and attract website visitors.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of continuous improvement of your website to increase its search rankings. This is achieved by combining techniques in website engineering with the right marketing angle to get your site found. This process has become much more complex over recent years.

Talk to us if attracting business through your website is a problem.

Engage customers with email, SMS, marketing automation and social networking.

Use powerful analytics tools to gain insight who is looking at your email marketing messages, what parts of your message may have attracted their attention, who has clicked on links, and who has deleted your email messages. Gain knowledge to unlock repeat sales from your existing customers.

Stay at the top of customers minds with your products and services.