Have A Good Foundation

Being Current With Technology Is Crucial

Consider the adage with regard to business: evolve or die

Treading water is actually going backwards. Think of companies which were once household names which sat still on their stack and failed because they didn't move with moving technology (e.g. Blockbuster, Blackberry and Kodak).

Continuously evolving with technology today means survival tomorrow.


Reliable Systems Are Critical

Your business continuity depends on fast and reliable systems.

Our platforms are geared to your requirements to ensure optimal performance and highest uptime on your mission critical systems. We provide SLAs where customers need that extra guarantee and quickest service response times.

Reliable systems are just as important as reliable staff.


Proper Project Management

We use the SCRUM project methodology for web project management. What is it?

We provide the client transparency of the works during development as the product owner with a progress backlog. The product delivery is iterative and capitalises on previous runs of work. Unknown unknowns which are exposed and discovered mid-project can be factored into future rounds of work.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.


We Are Your One Stop Technical Partner

Digital Catalyst has been operating since 2001.

With over 1000 projects to our name, we are specialists with a unique blend of technology skills and a depth of experience spanning most industry sectors. Our roots originated in the SME space but we now also develop mission critical solutions and provide robust platforms to corporate clients as well.

We bridge the gap between web, application development, I.T. and marketing.